Songs from the Orchard

A Wassail Song

Hear ye, hear ye, all gather round,

Hush now your voices, quiet the sound.

Welcome friends both new and old,

It’s time the wassail story’s told.

We’ve made some noise, shouted loud,

We’ve marched the orchard, standing proud.

We’ve lit the fires, now we call to thee,

To bloom and bear well, old apple tree.

In this coming year, may the sun shine bright,

May the days be long and the rainfall light.

Old apple tree we wassail thee,

A toast to all that you can be.

Now raise your voices and let us merry be,

A shout out to thee old apple tree.

Join me know in one last call,

Wassail one and wassail all.

Written by James Finch and originally published in

Graftwood Issue 3: February 2020.


Pears for your heirs, so the saying goes

It’s the time that passes as the pear tree grows.

Time is something that waits for no man,

It passes us by, no matter the plan.

I wonder what I’ll leave, when my time ends,

Will I be more than a memory for family and friends?

As Dust returns to dust and water to the sea,

Will I live on in the wind, the earth and the trees?

Will my deeds be remembered by future generations?

Will my son recall memories of love and celebrations?

As I planted my orchard, one thing was on my mind,

The trees will outlive me, I’ll be leaving them behind.

So when I am gone, what will my son say of me?

”My father gave me a perry pear tree”.

Written by James Finch and originally published in

Issue 4: August 2020

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